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Certified Clean

Show your clients and employees that your business went above and beyond routine cleaning to provide a clean and safe environment.

It isn’t enough for you to know that your space is clean and safe; those who enter it need to have that assurance as well. After Microbe Free completes disinfection & protection of your building, your business gets publicly marked as “Certified Clean”.

As the Certified Clean seals begin to show up in more and more places in Wisconsin, the significance of that symbol will be associated with the highest level of workplace safety.

All you have to do to become Certified Clean is to utilize Microbe Free technology in your home, business, meeting place, or vehicle.

Once we have completed
the treatment, you will receive:

Certified Clean Certificate

Finish Report and Testing Results with Best Practice Protocol

Printed Signage: Stickers, Window Clings, Property Signs

Digital Promotional Materials

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