Commercial Disinfection Services​

Sanitize & Protect Your Business With Our Proven 2-Step Process!

Protect Your Employees and Clients from Dangerous Microbes

The disinfection of surfaces in buildings is a top priority, but with employees and customers coming and going throughout the day and week, how can you possibly keep up?

You get all three with the disinfection and protection provided by Microbe Free and our 2 step process.

Our Fresh Start chemistry renders Coronavirus (COVID-19) Inactive with 99.9% effectiveness.

Long-Term Results Using Chemistry Instead of Chemicals

Our innovative 2-step process is setting a new standard for safe cleaning. Our products are EPA registered for food prep surfaces. You can’t get much safer than that. We’re not just green. We’re Hypergreen™.

All it takes is one treatment to disinfect and protect your hard and soft surfaces for years. The only maintenance needed is regular cleaning and touchup sprays to high-touch areas.

A wide range of businesses and public venues use our services, including:

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