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Deep Cleaning Your Commercial Building

When you own a commercial building, cleanliness is always a top priority, but there are times when it’s important to take it a step further for the good of your employees and customers. 

How the Right Cleaning Process Makes Your Building Safer

High-traffic spaces, like retail storefronts, office buildings, healthcare offices, childcare centers, and public service locations can be full of viruses and bacteria. This is a concern any time but is particularly pressing during a global pandemic. As people look for ways to safely return to work, school, and religious services, it becomes imperative for the management of these buildings to take their cleaning processes seriously.

Walking around with a spray bottle of disinfectant simply is not a feasible long-term approach. You need protection you can count on, a deep clean that keeps working to disinfect surfaces throughout your space. With the right system, you’re able to maintain with touch-up cleaning on surfaces frequently touched. Hard and soft surfaces alike can be disinfected and protected, all with a proven process.

How Deep Cleaning Can Provide Long-Term Safety

Not all disinfecting methods provide the same level of protection and cleanliness. Professional disinfecting and deep cleaning using EPA-registered products proven to provide residual protection can make a very real difference. 

It’s also important to note that lasting antimicrobial protection doesn’t have to come at the expense of chemical safety. Our two-step process is the gold standard in safe, effective, and long-lasting cleaning. The products we rely upon to keep you and everyone who uses your space safe are registered by the Environmental Protection Agency for use on food prep surfaces, meaning it’s safe for everyone. If you’re looking for a greener way to stay safe and healthy through a global health crisis, we can help. Safe for kids, pets, and adults, our system disinfects soft surfaces as well as non-porous ones for cleanliness you can count on for years.

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