Does Your Employer Provide a Certified Clean Work Environment?

Maintaining a clean, safe, and sanitary space for employees, customers, and guests is always essential. During a global pandemic and ensuing public health crisis, however, it becomes even more critical that people can feel comfortable and confident in their safety at work. A Certified Clean work environment can provide everyone with peace of mind and security as we attempt to forge a new kind of normalcy. Find out why it matters, and why you might want to consider asking your employer to provide a Certified Clean space through the COVID-19 pandemic.

What Does Certified Clean Mean?

As a public-facing employee or an employer, you know your space is clean and sanitized to the best of staff ability. Visitors, customers, and others unfamiliar with what happens behind the scenes, however, may not have the same level of confidence.

A Certified Clean seal lets everyone know that a given space is not only surface clean, but also disinfected and provided with protection against future contamination. After a thorough cleaning process carried out by expert professionals, your workplace can be publicly marked as “Certified Clean.” 

In addition to providing everyone involved with greater peace of mind, certified cleaning and sanitizing processes mitigate the spread of infectious illnesses effectively. You’re less likely to become sick at work as the people you work with and around are safer not just from the novel coronavirus, but also other illness-causing microbes.

Know Your Space is Safe and Sanitary with a Certified Cleaning

Whether you’re in a public-facing industry or not, it’s vital to be safe and healthy while you’re working. A Certified Clean can help everyone stay safer and healthier, but it can also boost productivity during trying times. When everyone can focus on the task at hand over constant cleaning and sanitizing, everything runs more smoothly and feels less tenuous.

If you’re looking for a deep clean you, your guests and your customers can trust, we can help. Our Microbe Free Certified Clean leaves you better protected against contagious illnesses, and certification signage lets everyone know your space is cleaned to exacting standards.

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