Our Fresh Start chemistry renders Coronavirus (COVID-19) Inactive with 99.9% effectiveness

Hand Sanitizer

Hydrating Hand Sanitizer

Hypergreen and Alcohol-Free Formula

Microbe Free Solutions’ Hydrating Hand Sanitizer moisturizes and hydrates your hands as it cleans away surface bacteria. This unique blend was formulated using patented technologies and applied sciences.

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We Set The Industry Standard For Sanitization & Disinfection.

Easy to Apply. Apply 2 to 3 pumps of Hydrating Hand Sanitizer each use to clean and protect hands. Work thoroughly on to hands and allow to dry without wiping. Repeated application increases effectiveness.

Environmentally Safe. In use, this hand sanitizer does not release harmful chemicals into the earth, air, or ozone, making this product environmentally green and Hypergreen. Safe for children, adults, and pets. 

Experienced in Innovation. No need to settle for outdated alcohol-based formulas that dry out your skin and provide only limited protection. Our aloe-infused, water-based formula is just as effective, lasts for up to 6 hours, and is gentle on your hands and skin. 

This sanitizer is just one of many Hypergreen solutions preferred by our consumers worldwide.  Microbe Free Solutions products are here to give the choice of eco-friendly safety and efficacy back to the consumer. Our products are designed to the highest standards and are used in a wide variety of industries in the global marketplace.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hydrating Hand Sanitizer effective? Yes. Hydrating Hand Sanitizer is effective against a broad spectrum of microorganisms. Its proprietary Hypergreen formula eliminates harmful microbes while also hydrating your skin with an infusion of aloe vera unlike alcohol based formulas that quickly dry out the skin, allowing potential harmful microbes to enter the body. 

Is it alcohol based? No, it is a water based product. 

How quickly does it work? Hydrating Hand Sanitizer rapidly begins to sanitize your skin within seconds, eliminating 99.99% of broad spectrum harmful microorganisms.

Is it safe? Yes. Hydrating Hand Sanitizer carries the industry’s highest safety rating and is an Over-the-Counter (OTC) Drug Monograph. In use, it does not release harmful chemicals into the earth, air, or ozone, making this product environmentally green and Hypergreen. 

How long does it last? Our innovative formula using patented technologies and applied sciences provides extended protection for up to 6 hours when applied following label directions, frequently outperforming alcohol based formulas after repeated use. 

How does it work? Hydrating Hand Sanitizer mechanism of action disrupts intermolecular interactions. This punctures cellular walls of harmful microbes causing them to leak their cellular contents. This in effect makes them inactive and harmless.

How does it last so long? Hydrating Hand Sanitizer has a preservative protection molecule included in the formula. 

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