Our Fresh Start chemistry renders Coronavirus (COVID-19) Inactive with 99.9% effectiveness

How It Works

24/7 + Ongoing Protection

The application is simple and quick. Within 10 minutes of the application, you can go about business as usual. After the initial application, regular cleaning routines of wiping down surfaces etc. are easier to maintain.

For simple, powerful, and safe protection against disease, Microbe Free is the best solution in the market today.

Businesses that complete the Microbe Free process can promote themselves as Certified Clean.

Microbe Free Seal (2)

Our Two-Part Treatment Program

Step 1

Fresh Start

The first step in the Microbe Free process is disinfecting the surfaces in your home or business. Our Fresh Start product kills 99.9% of bacteria, germs, mold, mildew, and viruses – including coronaviruses – on both hard and soft surfaces.

Fresh Start is sprayed throughout your building and begins working within 30 seconds to kill existing disease-causing microbes. It is safe for all surfaces, as well as humans and pets.

X Microbe

After the initial sanitizing of surfaces, Microbe Free will spray your building with our all-in-one disinfectant and protectant, XMicrobe. This Dow-Corning technology was originally developed for the aerospace program. This solution creates a covalent or molecular bond on the surfaces creating a durable antimicrobial barrier to give long-lasting protection. Think of it as an invisible shield that first attracts and then zaps harmful microbes, destroying them upon contact.

Step 2

Use Safe Chemistry NOT Harmful Chemicals

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