Our Fresh Start chemistry renders Coronavirus (COVID-19) Inactive with 99.9% effectiveness

Our Story

Microbe Free Mission

“Why isn't everyone using this technology in their homes and businesses?”

This is the question asked by three moms after they learned about a process that provided long-term protection, that is chemical-free and safe for their families. With so many toxic chemicals in conventional cleaning products on the market, these moms decided they needed to share this technology with others.

Microbe Free Wisconsin was born!

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The Microbe Free disinfection and protection process checked several boxes on the “safe and clean” list for these moms – safe for children, safe for pets, and safe for the environment. The fact that the products destroy 99.9% of the bacteria and viruses that can make us sick, including coronavirus, clearly met their expectations of “clean.”  

The clean and safe properties of Microbe Free was enough to gain the support of picky moms, but Microbe Free has some additional perks that they love. The process is fast – completing an entire home or business with minimal disruption. Once the process is complete, you can return to your regular activities within 10 minutes. Microbe Free’s technology continues to protect hard and soft surfaces after the treatment. Regular cleanings become much easier with the Microbe Free barrier in place. 

Highly-Experienced Sanitation Crews

Our Microbe Free service crews have a combined experience of over 30 years in applying our products in environments as small as an automobile or as large as a hospital. 

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Women Owned Business Logo

Microbe Free Wisconsin is proud to be a certified Women-Owned business. Every time you hire us, you are celebrating a woman-run company in a clean, healthy, and happy environment.

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