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Sanitizing Schools to Keep Students and Faculty Safe

Back-to-school season is always hectic, but in the age of COVID-19, it is also fraught with health risks. While there is conflicting evidence regarding the likelihood of severe symptoms in children and teens, it cannot be denied students are a potential source of community spread. Not only among their peers, but also faculty and staff who may be older, or have higher risk factors for severe complications. For students and staff living in multi-generational homes, the concerns are even greater.

As schools begin to reopen, it becomes imperative for educators and administrative staff to take an active role in maintaining hygienic spaces. 

Safer Classrooms and Hallways: Why Cleaning isn’t Always Enough

Sparkling surfaces can be free of visible debris or discoloration but teeming with microbial activity. Not all cleaning products safely and effectively sanitize even hard surfaces, let alone any porous ones. It is always essential for staff charged with maintaining school campuses to use the appropriate products in the proper concentrations, but as a novel virus sweeps the nation, the situation becomes crucial.

As students fill classrooms and hallways, they bring with them the risk of contamination or active infection. Because this particular health crisis can be passed by asymptomatic carriers, isolating potential risks becomes even more complicated. When it can be difficult to know who may be carrying without symptom an illness with the potential for lethality for another, deep cleaning and thorough sanitization is a key line of defense. 

Beefing Up Current School Cleaning Protocols

Ensuring proper products are being used in every application, that measures to battle contamination are put in place and that staff is well-trained to sanitize high-touch surfaces regularly are all vital. Still, it is wise to consider an augmented approach to school cleaning and maintenance. 

Specialized products can render entire rooms, both hard and soft surfaces, sanitized to a safe level in minutes. Some cleaning systems can even provide ongoing assistance in the form of specialized antimicrobial polymers that deter future contamination. 

Do you have a plan in place for actively addressing sanitization and hygienic practices in schools this year? Our system for establishing and actively maintaining healthier spaces can help everyone feel safer and more confident about returning to school.

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