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The Hidden Dangers of Soft Surfaces: Sanitizing Porous Materials

Even during normal times, maintaining sanitary homes, workplaces and healthcare facilities is a must. While a global pandemic rages, it becomes even more pressing. Whether you are a business owner trying to operate during a pandemic or trying to protect your family at home, there’s one thing you may be overlooking. Wiping down all hard surfaces with disinfectant can provide you with a sense of security, but if you’re neglecting soft surfaces, sanitization across the board is all but impossible to achieve. 

Why Sanitizing Soft Surfaces Can Be a Challenge

With a thorough wipe-down using the appropriate cleaning agents, sanitizing hard surfaces is relatively simple. However, take a look at the room around you right now. How many surfaces are porous ones that you can’t spray down with a sanitizing solution? Curtains, upholstered furniture, bed linens, carpets, and other soft surfaces can harbor significant populations of mildew, viruses, and bacteria. The simple act of sitting on an upholstered chair or drawing a fabric curtain can become a potential infection risk, as those microbes are then transferred from soft surfaces to hands and skin.

As business owners look for ways to safely reopen their businesses and healthcare providers battle an ever-increasing number of rising cases, neglecting soft surfaces can be a dangerous oversight. Fortunately, it is possible to sanitize soft materials effectively and adequately.

Creating Safer Residential, Commercial and Healthcare Spaces

It’s always of vital importance to maintain hygienic conditions, whether at home, in commercial and office spaces, or in a healthcare setting. Right now, though, it’s crucial. 

If you’re searching for an efficient, effective, and simple solution to sanitizing your spaces, we can help. Cleaner, more sanitary environments make everything easier, especially as a worldwide health crisis plays havoc with society and the economy. 

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